Thanks again for all your help. There are not too many efficient suppliers like you and it was a pleasure dealing with your company.
I am hopeful we will work together in the near future.
Enjoy the day!!

Shaune Thompson
Creative Solutions STB Inc
Wow, thanks for the great and speedy service.

Kelly Hall
Keltech Signs Ltd.
The yard signs arrives safe and sound yesterday, and they look great!
Thanks so much for working with the tight deadline!
Take care,

Thank you sooo much!!!!
Catherine xo

Catherine Lawrence
C.L.O. (Chief Laughter Officer)

They (yard signs) just arrived, and look great. Thanks for your fast work on this.

Stephen Tweedie, Co-Chair
Moncton Highland Games and Scottish Festival


We had ordered some yard signs from you and received them and they look absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for the speedy
service.All the best,

Curtis Burbee

Licensed REALTOR® and

Broker Owner


We got them (Coroplast Signs) and they look GREAT!
Please give our thanks to whoeverfixed the blue on the turtle shell.
We’ll use you again. Thanks again,
Doug Chuhran
Marketing Manager
Hygrade Roofing
2 Airpark Place Guelph, ON N1L 1B2
Got them (Yard Signs) at noon, they look great.
Thanks so much, you need a raise, tell your boss.
Garth Glassel

Hey, Mark!
Yard Signs arrived today and they look just fine.
Everything you promised.
Thanks for everything.
Ken Gillis

This place(SIGNOCITY) is amazing! The customer service they provided me was just BEYOND what I expected. When I went I wasn’t sure what their hours were, so I ended up getting about 10 mins after close and it was on a Friday, so I would have had to wait until Monday to come back. However, someone was still there, came outside and asked me what I wanted to print (It was Yard Signs by the way). Despite them being closed, she still invited me inside and said she could at least get the file setup so I could pick it up first thing Monday.

The quality of the signs was great. They print in house so they really know what they are doing. They had a variety of prices for their signs which I was really happy about because everywhere else I went would only offer me 100, 500 or 1000. Here I had the option of 50,100,125, 250, 500, 1000 and so many options.

If you decide you go here, ask for Golshan. she’s the best.
Tina Mcfild