Polybag Signs

Polybag Signs Price List

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Prices are per piece (white bag signs+Wire)

                      24″x20″  32″x20″


1 color 2 colors 3 colors 1 color 2 colors 3 colors
25  6.90  9.50  13.00  8.60  11.20  13.80
50  5.00  7.20  11.20  6.90  9.00  11.10
75  3.30  5.20  7.20  4.90  7.00  9.10
100  2.90  4.00  5.30  4.50  6.00  7.10
200  2.80  3.90  5.10  4.35  5.80  6.95
500  2.75  3.60  4.50  3.50  4.50  5.50
1000+  2.60  3.40  4.25  3.25  4.25  5.25
   *All Yellow Bags will be 25cets more
   *No Standard Colors, we can match any color for FREE (Accuracy 85-90%)
   *To order color by Panton number will cost you $90 per color per order

Polybag Signs

(Bag Signs) – These 24”x20” or 32″x20″ signs are manufactured in opaque 4ml or 5ml* heavy duty polyethylene material printed on both sides with UV Curable ink (weather proof), the price includes a high strength galvanized steel U-frame (or what we called wire). These types of signs take the form of white plastic bags or sleeves that can be slipped over the U-shaped frames; the wire frames are almost the same width of the bag in order to hold the bag tight. Our Bag signs are screen printed which is cost effective on higher volume sign orders. The bags are low in bulk and weight and easy to store.

  • cheapest advestising method till now
  • Long lasting and waterproof
  • Printed on two side
  • Production time 2-3 business days (on most times of the year)
  • Minimum order 25 signs

 Need a Lawn bag sign …  look no further; here at Sign o City we’ve been in business for over 10 years so we guarantee our client’s professional service in all their need.

Lawn signs are often used to advertise local businesses such as real estate companies and in election campaigns. They are small signs that can be placed on properties of businesses or on the lawns of a candidate’s supporter. Most companies that use these signs like to place them close to the road in order to create greater visibility to advertise their business. Lawn Signs come in various shapes and sizes, but the most common one is 24″x20″. They are typically sold in packages that include wires since most of these bag signs need to be placed on a grass.

Why SIGNOCITY Bag signs ?

 Our PolyBag Lawn Sign are a best choice for all small and large businesses. Bag Signs are printed on both sides and come with a steel “U” frame for easy setup. same art both sides or different. Prices in our price list are per piece including U-wire frame and same artwork for both sides.

· Bag Signs is totally weatherproof

· Bag Signs available on yellow or white bags

· Quick, easy assembly (2-3 seconds only)

· Bag Signs are both sides print

· Wire-stand for bag signs included in price

· Our bag signs are available in 2 sizes 24″x20″ and 32”x20”

· Minimum order for bag signs starts at 25

· Production time 2 -3 business days on most cases

· Rush printing service is available please call for detail

· Bag signs not see through (inside black)

· Our bag signs are printed on 0.5mm have duty poly bags

· Product weight – 90lbs. per 100 bag signs 20”x24”(poly bags + wire)

· Wire stands included in the price

· Free custom design is available

· We can print halftone on bag signs (In printing, a continuous tone image, such as a photograph, that has been converted into a black-and-white image. Halftones are created through a process called dithering, in which the density and pattern of black and white dots are varied to simulate different shades of gray or same for any color.)