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Who We Are:

SignOCity is one of the largest manufacturer and best prices for election signs (lawn yard signs) and frames in Canada that well known for the high productivity, good product and accurate timming.

Below are some of our services:

(Bag Signs)

These 24”x20” signs are manufactured in opaque 4ml or 5ml* heavy duty polyethylene material printed on both sides and the price includes a high strength galvanized steel U-frame. These types of signs take the form of white plastic bags or sleeves that can be
slipped over the U-shaped frames; the wire frames must be the same width of the bag in order to hold the bag taut. Our Bag signs are screen printed which is cost effective on higher volume sign orders. The bags are low in bulk and weight and easy to store.

Election Signs or (Corrugated Plastic Signs)

These types of signs are manufactured on 4ml corrugated polypropylene material printed on both sides and the price includes a high strength galvanized steel H-frame . The signs are very rigid and weather proof. They can be easily installed and taken down. Due to their durability,
they could be reused for future campaigns.

Car Magnet or Vehicle stickers

Using highest grade of car magnet which will be printed in full color and will not fly in high wind on a highway, as well as our vinyl cutter can give you crystal clear cutting to be placed on your vehicle.


All types of Banners including L,X,Roll up, and hanging banners with grommets…. enjoy our high resolution banner for both indoor and outdoor purposes.


Just Click on the tab of Gourmet, and you will enter a new word of printing on clothes… also, we have a solution for the full color T-Shirt printing or vinyl heat transfer

Have make you decision now ? 

If you need help deciding on the type of signs best suited to your business or campaign, let an experienced sign manufacturer walk you through. Regardless of the medium, quality is of the utmost importance.

Offering new material

Sign O City Inc. will now be supplying all your flyer, post card, door hanger,

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